Sharjah Municipality: 10 common behaviors to avoid when using public parking


Sharjah City Municipality has identified a number of common behaviors that should be avoided when taking advantage of the public parking service and urged the public to cooperate with it by adhering to the regulations and laws in force in regulating the work of public parking spaces subject to fees in all areas of the city of Sharjah, where the Municipality is keen to educate the public in a manner It is permanent in all areas of municipal work and constantly seeks to clarify negative behaviors that must be avoided in order to contribute to enhancing the aesthetic and civilized appearance of the smiling emirate.

In this context, the Director of the Public Parking Department in the Sharjah Municipality, Hamed Al-Qaed, confirmed that the municipality is working on organizing daily inspection visits during the work of public parking spaces subject to fees in the city of Sharjah during weekdays from eight in the morning until ten in the evening, as well as during Fridays and official holidays to monitor All violations and take the necessary measures regarding them, as the public parking service is one of the most important services that the public accepts when heading to various destinations in the city. Therefore, the municipality works through the inspection teams to monitor any violations to make this service available around the clock.

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The leader explained that there are 10 common behaviors that must be avoided when using the public parking service, which are: booking more than one parking space; It is necessary to allow other users to use the parking lots, obstruct traffic by standing behind vehicles, standing behind garbage containers, and standing in bus stops where this impedes the movement of passengers going up and down, standing in prohibited or planned areas, and standing on the sidewalk for what constitutes this. From a danger to pedestrians, standing in closed dirt squares, standing on road curves, as well as parking within the governmental receding of buildings, and parking in special parking spaces for persons with disabilities (without a permit authorizing this).

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The Director of the Public Parking Department stated that these behaviors are among the most prominent things that the municipality monitors during the periodic inspection of public parking and cause obstruction to traffic and traffic, so it works on continuous awareness to urge the public to park in an orderly manner and benefit from the public parking service in the right way that does not negatively affect the appearance civilized and on other members of the public.

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He noted that there are more than 57 thousand parking spaces subject to fees in the city of Sharjah and about more than 290 investment yards to facilitate the public and save effort and time when searching for a parking space while enjoying the ambiance of the smiling emirate and its facilities.

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