Sharjah Private Education: A face mask is an alternative for those affected by wearing masks


The Sharjah Private Education Authority directed private schools in the emirate to follow preventive measures related to wearing masks inside schools for students and members of the school staff from teachers, while it permitted the exception of students and staff who suffer from some diseases from wearing masks, if they have a medical certificate confirming this, stressing that they must Wear a plastic face mask instead and adhere to safe physical distancing at all times.

The authority specified in the operating manual for private schools in Sharjah, and “Emirates Today” obtained a copy of it, many requirements for personal protection as part of its policies to address the spread of the Corona virus inside schools with the start of the new school year.

The instructions included the commitment of students in the first grade and above and school staff to wear masks indoors throughout school hours, as it is one of the most important personal protection equipment, while in open places, wearing masks is optional and not mandatory, noting that students under six years are not required ( i.e. without first row) wear masks.

The authority stressed the necessity of the commitment of first-grade students and above, teachers and school staff to bring at least two masks to school daily for the purpose of personal use, with the need to provide an adequate stock of masks, gloves and sterilizers to cover the needs of any student or visitor, and a special wastebasket should be provided to throw protection equipment. The person used (according to the recommendations of the competent government agencies).

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The authority pointed out the need to ensure the distribution of hand sanitizers and sanitizers in the school buildings and around it, with the provision of guiding signs explaining the instructions, and students are encouraged to wash and sterilize their hands at regular intervals during the day, especially before and after eating.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority stressed the need for schools to be obligated to monitor younger students by teachers and teacher assistants to ensure that children follow the procedures for washing hands as required, with the need for students to commit to changing their masks after a meal break.

The authority called for encouraging cadres who closely interact with children in kindergarten to wear transparent (plastic) face masks to enable them to read the movement of lips and facial expressions, and they are exempted from wearing masks only when they closely mix with these children, in addition to that they must wear masks at all other times. .

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The authority excluded students and cadres who suffer from some diseases from wearing masks if they have a medical certificate confirming this, with the need to wear a plastic face mask instead, while adhering to safe physical distancing at all times.

While the authority specified procedures related to physical distancing inside schools, as for the education of students in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten stage, it should be within fixed groups, according to the class density approved before the “Covid-19” pandemic, meaning that the students themselves remain in this group without change in Every school day, emphasizing the need to take care of these children and take care of them in a room or rooms that other children from outside this fixed group cannot reach, while keeping each batch of students together wherever possible.

The authority indicated the need to ensure that students remain in the same group all the time on each school day, and to ensure that students do not mix with other groups, and to ensure that teachers and cadres who deal with each fixed group do not change during the day and semester, wherever possible, while not allowing mixing students between groups; For curricula that use this method, students should stay in a fixed group, with teachers rotating in their place.

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The authority stated that in the event of the need and necessity for the teacher to move between fixed groups (if she is a teacher of a specific subject), this is allowed with a commitment to physical distancing, not direct mixing with students, and wearing a transparent mask by the mobile teacher, with the need for at least one employee to carry The school is certified in first aid for children and cardiopulmonary resuscitation for children, and it should be present throughout the school hours, stressing that it is not allowed to share toys and other common resources with students of other fixed groups until after they have been sterilized.

• The necessity for students, teachers, and school staff to commit to bringing at least two masks per day.

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