Sharjah’s ‘knowledge without borders’ aims to get detainees reading


The “Book in Your Arms” initiative was recently launched with a session called “Self-Reconciliation”.
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Sharjah: Sharjah-based Knowledge without Borders (KwB) has launched a new initiative for inmates called “Book in Your Arms” to expand access to books throughout the prison system.

It also seeks to create opportunities for incarcerated persons to interact with authors and the literary community through a series of cultural sessions, in partnership with the Sharjah Police Department of Punishment and Correctional Establishment. The initiative is in line with the 2016 National Literacy Strategy, which aims to “produce generations of readers in the UAE and make the nation the capital of knowledge and culture.”

First session

Dr Suaad Al Shamsi

Waheeb Al Kamali

The “Book in Your Arms” initiative was launched recently with a session called “Self-Reconciliation” organized at the Maison de la Sagesse. Nine participants, women and men, heard from Dr Suaad Al Shamsi and Waheeb Al Kamali, author and personal development expert, who discussed their work with participants and also offered them signed copies of their books.

Mariam Al Hammadi

Mariam Al Hammadi, Director of KwB, said: “Our activities aim to encourage the wonderful habit of reading in all segments of the community without exception. This time, we wanted to extend this opportunity to prisoners for whom the chances of accessing books and literature for their personal development are rare. These sessions will host a group of intellectuals, authors and experts who will help inmates improve their skills and expertise, encourage them to read more, and emphasize the importance of books and knowledge in achieving goals and ambitions. of nations.

Path to integration

She added, “The first session, organized in cooperation with the Sharjah Police and Prison Sanctions Department, aimed to educate inmates about the benefits of learning, encouraging them to read for the positive effect this has on their general well-being, as well as setting them on the path which we hope will lead them to social integration and function as productive members of society. “

Reading value

Brigadier General Ahmad Abdul Aziz Shuhail

Brigadier General Ahmad Abdul Aziz Shuhail, Director General of Sharjah Police and Prison Sanctions Department, said: “The partnership with KwB aims to highlight the social value of reading for inmates, as well as ” guide them towards investing in activities that will help build a safe and active community. “

He added: “This initiative is in line with our shared vision and common goals of advancing the reading skills and knowledge of our inmates, as we aim to impact their well-being and facilitate their process. rehabilitation to become law-abiding residents of the UAE. “

To come up

Future sessions include “My Journey to the Top”, with the participation of Dr Abdullah Al Darmaki, member of the Sharjah Advisory Board; “The Things We Don’t Pay Attention to” and “The Art of Getting Up”. A mobile library, offering a wide range of titles and topics to choose from, will be installed on site during the sessions.


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