Shashi Tharoor gets the nod from Sonia Gandhi to run for president of Congress : Report


Congressman Shashi Tharoor. ANI

New Delhi: Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor received the nod from Sonia Gandhi on Monday to participate in the upcoming poll for the post of party chairman, ANI according to sources.

The former union minister was given the green light by interim party chairman Sonia Gandhi after meeting her in New Delhi.

At the meeting, Tharoor expressed his wish to participate in the elections to be held on October 17 to strengthen “internal democracy” in the party, ANI according to sources. Gandhi nodded in response to the MP from Thiruvananthapuram and said that anyone can participate in elections.

“Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor gets a nod from Interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi to run for the post of party chairman after contacting her in a meeting today claiming he would strengthen internal democracy. can make. Sonia Gandhi, interim president of Congress, replied that he (Shashi Tharoor) can run (for the post of party chairman) if he wants, anyone can participate in elections.” ANI the sources said.

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Tharoor is a member of G-23

Notably, Tharoor is one of the signatories of a letter to Sonia Gandhi written by the G-23 group (which seeks reforms in the party). The meeting clarified his challenge to the party chairman’s polls, which had previously been a matter of much speculation.

Secretary General of Congress responsible for communications Jairam Ramesh during a meeting with ANI on Tharoor’s candidacy said anyone who wants to compete is free and welcome to do so. “This is the consistent position of CP (Congress President) and RG (Rahul Gandhi). This is an open, democratic and transparent process. No one needs anyone’s wink to fight,” Ramesh said.

The meeting with Sonia Gandhi took place after Tharoor welcomed a petition calling for party reforms. “I welcome this petition being circulated by a group of young @INCIndia members seeking constructive reforms in the party. It has collected more than 650 signatures so far. I am happy to endorse it and move on.,” Tharoor had tweeted.

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Earlier, in his article in a Malayalam newspaper on presidential elections, he said people are free to speculate whether he would run for the highest post in the party.

‘A democratic country like ours needs a democratic party’

The G-23 member said: “The point I made in the article is that elections are a good thing for the party. A democratic country like ours needs a democratic party. I welcome Congress’s decision to conduct polls. People are free to speculate as they please.”

The MP from Thiruvananthapuram also welcomed the elections in the party and said Rahul Gandhi’s refusal to be appointed as president of the congress was disappointing. However, according to him, the party should not be limited by the belief that only one family can lead it.

Tharoor further said: “The process is a few weeks away. Let’s wait for the procedures to start. In my article I said that multiple candidates would be a good idea. In the end only one person comes forward, but the process is attracting a lot of attention .”

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Tharoor had written an article in the Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi saying that the party polls were the first step towards rejuvenating the organisation. It is not yet known what happened in the meeting today.

Call for Rahul Gandhi

However, several leaders have demanded that Rahul Gandhi accept the position.

Congressman Rajya Sabha, Mallikarjun Kharge, believes that Rahul Gandhi should take charge of the Congress party as he has the ability to get the party out of the crisis.

The election to the post of President of Congress will be held on October 17, according to the decision of the Congress Working Committee (CWC). The votes will be counted on October 19.

With input from ANI

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