Shaving Smooth for Dinners as Glass Bulb Falls and Shatters in VivoCity’s Crystal Jade Pavilion


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Two Singapore brothers got a little more than they bargained for when they went to lunch at the newly opened Crystal Jade Pavilion in VivoCity.

A glass floor lamp had fallen over and narrowly missed the pair, leaving a brother with a small cut.

Almost wrong

The unfortunate incident happened just days after the restaurant chain posted a video about the branch’s “glow-up” on Facebook.

Promising waterfront views and a revamped menu, the video shows off the restaurant’s attractive new space, featuring marble facades, a sleek black bar, and multiple floor lamps lining the windows.

A row of floor lamps at the new Crystal Jade Pavilion at VivoCity. Image from Crystal Jade’s Facebook.

Speak with mothershipJulian Tang said he was dining with his brother at the restaurant around 12:35 p.m. on Sept. 20 when he experienced what he described as a “near-fatal accident.”

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A floor lamp had fallen over, missing Tang and his brother by “just inches”.

The glass lampshade broke into pieces, leaving Tang’s brother a small cut on his hand and glass particles in both shoes.

Shattered lampshade The fallen floor lamp and its broken glass lampshade. Image courtesy of Julian Tang.

Image courtesy of Julian Tang.

Hand-cut from glass Tang’s brother suffered a minor cut from the accident. Image courtesy of Julian Tang.

The staff eventually waived the whole bill?

After the accident, the restaurant’s assistant manager transferred the bill “while we were still recovering from our shock and cleaning up”.

The brothers had asked for the bill prior to the accident, Tang explained. Their meal was less than S$80.

The staff then offered a 20 percent discount on their bill as compensation.

However, Tang claimed that the restaurant was already offering a 20 percent discount as part of their opening promotion, alleging that the staff lied to them.

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“We spoke to her about it and only then did she say she would waive the entire bill,” he said.

Tang also claimed that when questioning another staff member about how the lamp fell, she replied with “I don’t know, I poured tea”.

“I shudder at the thought of the outcome if we were centimeters closer to the crash… Anyway, it was a total nightmare,” he added. “Never again.”

Response from restaurant

In response to mothership’s questions, a Crystal Jade spokesperson acknowledged the incident.

They admitted that after viewing the CCTV footage of the restaurant, a member of the wait staff may have walked by and knocked over the lamp.

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They said:

“We are very sorry that this has happened. We recognize that our staff could have managed the situation better and have also taken steps to ensure that the quality of service is improved.”

As a preventative measure, the restaurant engaged contractors to fix the floor lamps to the carpet.

The restaurant is also trying to contact Tang to apologize and provide an update on the matter, the spokesperson added.

mothership also understands that the 20 percent discount that the staff offered as compensation after the accident in addition to the 20 percent discount on their opening promotion.

Top image courtesy of Julian Tang.


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