Sherri Shepherd and Andy Cohen dish on exclusive Raya dating app


Love in the digital age was a topic of conversation about Watch live what’s happening with Andy Cohen, Sunday. Earlier The view host Sherri Shepherd and Married to Medicine star Quad Webb is both single and active in the dating scene. Shepherd, who has been celibate for the past four years, recently joined the exclusive dating app Raya.

Raya is an exclusive dating platform that has been used by stars like Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato and Ben Affleck. The dating site, nicknamed Illuminati Tinder, surveys many candidates and requires verification of existing members to join.

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“Chris Rock verified my account because you need someone to verify,” Shepherd explained. “It’s a bit of a playground, but it’s okay. ‘Go outside’ is what I say.”

Andy Cohen revealed that he had also recently joined the exclusive dating site.

“I just got on Raya myself,” he revealed. “John Mayer verified me.”

While the platform boasts many high-profile members of the entertainment industry, Cohen admitted that isn’t always the case.

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“They’re directors and hosts and rich people,” Shepherd said.

“And many people who say they’re directors and photographers,” Cohen added.

Watch live what’s happening with Andy Cohen aired from sunday to thursday on Bravo TV.

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