Shraddha Walkar case: Police seek court permission for Aaftab’s polygraph test, narco test to be conducted ‘within 10 days’


Delhi Police on Monday asked a lower court to seek permission for the lie detector test of suspect Aaftab Amin Poonawala, without which his permission for the narco test cannot be sought.

Aaftab’s narco-analysis test was not performed today, the Forensic Laboratory said. A polygraph test will be conducted on Aaftab before the narcotic test that will require his consent, and the police have been informed about it, it said.

Punit Puri, also an assistant director at the FSL, said the polygraph test will be conducted when permission is obtained. “It will be followed by medical tests and then only the narco will be performed.” “In 10 days narco will be ready,” he added.

Assistant director Sanjeev Gupta further said that they have received a request for the narco test “and we have also started our work. Our director Deepa Varma has instructed to deal with this matter with priority.”

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Rajneesh Gupta, the FSL’s crime scene officer, explained the narco test and said it is a lengthy process involving various disciplines such as doctors as it is done in the operating room.

“Experts from FSL, photo department, narco specialists are there, so all teams are working together and their permission is also needed to work in coordination. Our officers already have a meeting with all departments to get their permission and when we have it, will we have a date with us we will inform you,” he told PTI.

In a November 17 order, a court in Delhi had ordered the city police to complete the narco analysis test within five days while making it clear that it could not use a third-degree measure against him.

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Narcoanalysis, also known as truth serum, involves intravenous administration of a drug (such as sodium pentothal, scopolamine, and sodium amytal) that puts the person undergoing it into various stages of anesthesia.

In the hypnotic phase, the person is less inhibited and more likely to divulge information that would not normally be revealed in the conscious state.

Investigation agencies use this test after other evidence fails to give a clear picture of the case.

The Delhi police had previously said it was seeking Aaftab Poonawala’s narco analysis test as his answers during interrogation were “deceitful” in nature.

The Supreme Court has ruled that narco analysis, brain mapping and lie detector tests cannot be performed on a person without his or her consent.

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Also, statements made during this test are not admissible as primary evidence in court, except under certain circumstances when the court believes the facts and nature of the case permit.

Meanwhile, police found a human jaw while searching Shraddha Walkar’s remains and approached a dentist to verify if it belongs to the 27-year-old murder victim. The dentist, who did not want to be named, said he wanted more information to come to a conclusion.

Police had found parts of a skull and some bones in a nearby wooded area on Sunday. As part of their search for more remains, a pond in South Delhi’s Maidangarhi is also being pumped out.