Shri Thanedar talks about historic election victory


(TBEN DETROIT) – After last week’s midterm elections, new faces will represent Michiganders in Washington, DC

Voters chose Shri Thanedar to represent Michigan’s 13th congressional district. Thanedar, a current Michigan State Representative, was elected to the open seat.

“I have to listen to the people in my district and understand the problems, and not think I have all the solutions and answers,” he said.

Working with President Joe Biden and other congressional leaders to improve Detroit’s infrastructure is one of Thanedar’s greatest missions.

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“You know, some of our roads and bridges are in bad shape,” Thanedar added.

According to Thanedar, these are not the only improvements needed.

“We have lead pipes that need to be replaced,” he said.

Detroit faces many systemic problems. According to Thanedar, those issues should be shared with other members of Congress.

“I want the other members to understand life in Detroit… the generations of families living in poverty,” Thanedar said.

Multiple schools in Metro Detroit have suffered repeated shootings in recent weeks. Thanedar believes in raising awareness of mental health.

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“I think we need to look at the child who is causing these problems.” He added: “We have to get to the bottom of the problem and often you will find that it is a disturbed child who needs help.”

Looking back at his race being elected to Congress, the Democrat doesn’t take it lightly.

“This is a huge honor, this is a huge trust, people let me have this responsibility and honor,” he said.

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Once sworn in, Thanedar will be Michigan’s first Native American in Congress. Although it is a historic achievement, Thanedar is not brash about the achievement. He believes the changes during his tenure are what he should be remembered for.

“I feel like it has more to do with what I’m going to do for the people and how my office helps them,” Thanedar added.