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The Public Service Division (PSD) announced Monday (Sept. 12) that the salaries of Singaporean judges and selected statutory appointees will increase by 5 to 12 percent.

The pay increase will address gaps with market benchmarks, which have widened significantly, PSD said.

It has also been almost 15 years since the last salary adjustments for the administrative service and judicial and statutory appointment holders.

“These adjustments will enable the public service to attract and retain a significant portion of the talent for key leadership roles,” PSD said.

The effective date of the salary adjustments is October 1, 2022 and will benefit approximately 300 board officers and 30 judicial and statutory appointees.

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The holders of judicial appointments include the Chief Justice, the judges of the Court of Appeal, the judges of the Appeal Division, the judges of the High Court and the judicial commissioners, while the selected statutory appointees are the Attorney General, the deputy Attorney General, Chairman of the Service Committee and Auditor General.

“As a forward-thinking employer, in addition to providing competitive salaries, the Public Service will continue to strengthen development efforts across all schedules,” PSD said.

Administrative officers can continue to look for job rotations, private and people sector attachments, as well as leadership milestone programs.

“These efforts will enable our officers to do their best in the service of Singapore and Singaporeans.”

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PSD added that it would continue to review civil servants’ salaries periodically and adjust them as necessary to broadly keep pace with, but not lead, the market.

Members of the online community agreed it was time to review salaries; noted, however, that low-income workers should also benefit from the adjustments.

“That’s why income inequality will always increase. Management easily raises the wages of their senior staff, but it takes ages to discuss minimum wages and raising the salaries of low-paid workers, Facebook user Zet Yeo said.

“This also happens to companies like bankers who get thousands of increments every year, but the wages of the poor tea lady stagnated for years.”

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“MOM (Ministry of Manpower) should start looking around for some, especially those with low incomes like cleaners,” added Facebook user Mohd Amok. “They don’t know or have not even heard of the PWM (Progressive Wage Model) because their employers or company chose not to brief or inform them … look at it ASAP.” /TISG

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