Six people fined £ 200 each after attempting to leave UK during Covid travel ban


Six people are fined £ 200 each after police caught them leaving the UK by train and then by ferry hours later despite Covid’s travel ban

  • Six people from London, Manchester and Hertfordshire tried to flout the travel ban
  • Five were turned back from the Channel Tunnel, only to try to cross by ferry
  • Lockdown rules ban international travel from England without a valid excuse
  • Six people were fined £ 200 each after police caught them trying to get to England by train and then ferry, despite the Covid-19 lockdown banning international travel.

    Kent police arrested five people from London, Hertfordshire and Manchester who were all trying to cross France via the Channel Tunnel, and told them to go home – only for the same five to make it to Dover and trying to cross by ferry.

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    The sixth person, from London, was questioned at the port of Dover, briefed on his responsibilities and encouraged to adhere to the guidelines, only to return ten minutes later to attempt to leave the country again.

    The six fines were imposed within 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday.

    Kent Police officers fined six people within 24 hours for repeatedly attempting to cross the Channel from Dover, despite England’s ban on international travel until December 2.

    Since November 2, international travel has been banned in England under the second lockdown measures.

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    Foreign travel is only allowed for work, education and legal exemptions such as funerals.

    Deputy Chief Constable Claire Nix said: ‘It is truly disappointing that a minority of people are not complying with Covid-19 regulations.

    ‘The government has made it clear that the best way to support the NHS and save lives is to stay at home and it is our job to make sure people follow the measures designed to protect everyone.

    “Until December 2, people should only leave their homes for the reasons listed by the government, which include, for example, work, exercise, medical appointments, food and caring for vulnerable people .

    “Everyone should familiarize themselves with the full list of exemptions and understand what is expected of them at this point.

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    “I urge people to think seriously about this trip.

    “ In most situations, we can resolve violations without having to issue a fine by engaging, explaining and encouraging individuals to obey the regulations, but in cases like these, when people blatantly ignore advice and refuse to comply, we have no choice. but to take coercive action.

    ‘In Kent, we will continue to provide policing in a reasonable, proportionate and fair manner and ask everyone to continue to take personal responsibility for controlling the spread of the virus and protecting themselves from harm. ”




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