Six Senses Fort Barwara: a 700 year old palace dedicated to modern wellness


Six Senses Fort Barwara took ten years to build and the resulting property is nothing short of majestic. The resort, which just celebrated its first anniversary, occupies what was once a 14ecentury Rajasthani royal palace and combines the original structure with modern amenities. You’ll stay in one of the 48 sprawling suites within the property’s walled fort, which are designed in contemporary Rajasthani style and modeled with Six Senses renowned sustainability practices in mind. As you stroll the grounds, you will see two original palaces, two temples, lush gardens, and two emerald green indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can easily stay within the walls of Fort Barwara, but if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, you can book a tiger safari at Ranthambore National Park, just 30 minutes away.

Well-being comes first

Within the regal walls of Fort Barwara you can book treatments in a (literally) wellness palace. What was once the property’s women’s palace now houses treatment rooms, a meditation temple, yoga pavilion, fitness center, and a 30,000-square-foot hydrotherapy circuit. The wellness program focuses on personalization to specifically heal and nourish your body’s needs. A biohacking session administered by Dr. Jitendra Varshney uses smart technology to assess any pain points and subsequent treatments can put you on the right path. A Fort Barwara massage starts with a cleansing sound bath and is followed by a session tailored to the results of your biohacking session. You will love the smell and feel of local oils, mud and clay that have been blended for their therapeutic properties.

Six Senses Fort Barwara offers multi-day wellness programs for those who really want to delve into their well-being, ranging from one to 12 day programs. In the one-day Boost Your Immunity program, say sayonara to your phone for a day to experience personalized training, treatments, nutritious meals and more to boost your immune system — perfect after a long flight or when you generally feel exhausted. During a 12-day Ayurveda program (there are also options for five and eight nights), you devote yourself entirely to the ancient science of life and longevity. After a consultation to determine your dosha, your Ayurvedic body type, you commit to therapies, exercise and diet to fully immerse yourself in this ancient practice.

Big and small adventures

After a good night’s sleep (Six Senses is known for its Sleep With Six Senses program with handmade mattresses, cotton linens and sleeping amenities) you can explore the property to discover its natural beauty or book a larger excursion to witness nature from Rajasthan. The resort offers a horticultural walk where you can learn about the history and architecture of the property and gives visitors the chance to admire the plant life at Six Senses Fort Barwara, all of which are endemic species.

Just a short drive from the property, you can witness another endemic species, one of the most beautiful in the world, the Royal Bengal Tiger. In a luxury safari jeep you wander through the Ranthambore National park that fascinates with its hilly landscape and animal life. While trying to spot the tiger, you will see monkeys, peacocks and swamp crocodiles along the way. The game drives take place in the early morning or late afternoon, and naturalists will guide you through the park’s vast wildlife, where a tiger sighting is highly likely.

On your return to Fort Barwara, enjoy a nice meal, a spa session and a day at the pool during the warmer months. Temperatures range from very cool in the winter to blazing hot in the summer, but there’s a variety of experiences and festivals to keep you entertained no matter what season you’re there.