Readers noticed that many workers in men’s barbershops ignore the sterilization of the tools used, and said that barbers use these tools for several people without inserting them into sterilizers, despite the possibility of transmitting viruses and communicable diseases, calling on the concerned authorities to closely monitor them, and activate penalties in this regard.


Readers demanded to adjust the commission that real estate brokerage companies take when signing lease contracts, as the percentages in one region vary significantly and are not subject to a law that makes it a fixed and uniform rate.

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A reader suggested launching a voluntary initiative to re-maintain household furniture that is sometimes randomly thrown around containers, noting that the condition of some pieces of furniture lying on the ground is in good condition, and needs simple maintenance operations, so that it can be benefited from by distributing it to the needy through charitable societies.


Consumers questioned the quality of the large containers used by water distribution companies, as some of them are old and dilapidated, calling on the concerned authorities to set standards for the quality of these containers and their circulation in sanitary conditions.

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Consumers demanded the relevant economic departments in the country to oblige shops selling car tires and batteries to put a clear price list on their products, as negotiation often leads between the consumer and the seller to obtain reduced prices, while the prices remain high for the consumer who is not proficient in the seller’s negotiation.

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