Sleep tourism focuses on the health problems of Americans. Here are 3 places to try this wellness trend


Do you count yourself among the 1 in 3 Americans who struggle with sleep? I fall into this large subset of tired, stressed out people, many of us are tired of sleep hygiene articles. It was therefore with particular interest that I observed this growing wellness travel trend, also known as Sleep Tourism, in 2022. For those of us with deep-rooted insomnia, it’s hard to know if a hotel with wellness offerings can cure what ails us, but I’m willing to try anything. Three luxury hotels and resorts from Los Angeles, Arizona to Maui offer unique sleep-oriented amenities for the modern traveler.

Hotel FigueroaLos Angeles: Book a Self-Care Retreat in the Rest & Recovery Suite

One of the biggest complaints about staying in a hotel is often the sleeping experience. The pillow is too firm, too soft or flat as a pancake. When I travel by car, I bring my own pillow. That’s how much a pillow can make or break my vacation. Answering the call of concern, DTLA’s iconic Hotel Figueroa offers guests the chance to book the dedicated Rest & Recovery Suite, where they can reserve custom Pluto Pillow™ pillows, created based on sleep preferences and ready at arrival in the suite.

And the mattress? Your partner sleeps cold and you are warm? Hotel Figueroa’s suite features an Eight Sleep mattress with a smart temperature control that responds to temperature on both sides of the bed throughout the night.

Since exercise improves sleep, you can take advantage of the in-room workout options of the personal strength fitness mirror, FORME, before recovering with a selection of Normatec recovery aids from Hyperice and supplements from beam, while breathing fresh air from Molekule’s Air Pro system .

The Rest & Recovery Suite also includes a GammaLight Therapy Revive Red Light, which provides 670nm red light to optimize sleep quality and improve daytime mental and physical performance, and a Loftie Lamp, which provides guests with a “personal sunrise” with simulation of dawn with gradual light disappearance for optimal rest. Synchronize your circadian rhythm while eating breakfast in bed? That is a feature I can applaud.

Castle hot springsArizona: Book a Desert Vacation Sleep Retreat

Arizona’s Castle Hot Springs aims to relieve and reinvigorate travelers seeking the ultimate reset and reboot in 2023 with a series of Sleep Retreats. (The next date is May 18-21, 2023.)

Retreats are designed to help guests establish a healthy sleep routine. Led by acclaimed sleep researcher and author Dr. Rebecca Robbins, each three-night sleep retreat will seamlessly integrate the surrounding nature and wellness aspects of the property into a fully immersive experience aimed at reshaping your sleep.

Located in a desert oasis, this wellness hideaway offers an 1,100-acre nature-rich retreat dedicated to enriching the mind, body, and soul. Seamlessly infused with the property’s nature-focused ethos, Dr. Robbins guide guests through discussions, strategies, meditations, and centering activities, including circadian yoga and morning walks.

Castle Hot Springs offers a balanced approach to wellness, allowing guests to reset throughout the retreat. The geothermal hot springs have long made it a restorative area for visitors, starting with Native Americans who traveled to the mineral-rich waters for medicinal purposes. The naturally occurring hot springs provide a variety of beneficial minerals, including lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, which together can relieve aching joints and muscles, calm the mind, and elevate mood.

Four Seasons Resort Maui at WaileaHawaii: Try Customized Wellness Therapies With Next|Health

A Swedish massage off the standard spa menu no longer meets the needs of hotel guests, especially long-haul travelers who disembark at faraway destinations like Hawaii. Today, health and wellness experiences are all about curation and customization, especially for travelers with sleep issues.

Maui’s four-star luxury resort Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea recently debuted a unique wellness offering featuring Next|Health. The partnership aims to revolutionize the concept of preventative health treatments for travelers, essentially by upgrading the spa experience to one with medical precision.

What does that mean? Visitors can now access a range of Next|Health offerings, including Next-Level NAD+ IV treatments, including bespoke IV therapies such as Stress IV (which targets inflammation, mood swings and irritability, all symptoms of poor or deprived sleep). ), vitamin injections and wellness tests such as the Micronutrient Test (lack of vitamins and minerals can cause poor sleep – take it from me!)

A range of new treatments will be added in 2023, including ozone therapy, stem cell therapy, and exosomes therapy, ranging in price from $1,200-$12,000. While not specifically targeting insomnia, improving one’s health in general has a significant impact on sleep.