Slippery roads as the cold snap ends in the south


Rapidly rising temperatures contribute to unsafe driving conditions.

Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

Motorists in the regions of Ostrobothnia, South Karelia and Kymenlaakso face the worst road conditions on Sunday, forecasters say.

Driving conditions across the country on Sunday range from “bad” to “very bad” as precipitation falls mostly in the form of snow and sleet. Areas along the west coast will see rain.

“The snow reduces visibility and the roads are slippery, so reduce your speed,” the emergency service east of Uusimaa tweeted.

Big thaw vs freezing

On Sunday, the mercury in the western and southern coastal areas hovered around freezing after several weeks of subzero weather, including periods of freezing double-digit temperatures.

Western regions can expect local rains and afternoon flurries. Thermometers further north will stay in the -20 degree Celsius range. The northern regions will experience partially cloudy, but mostly dry conditions, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (IMF).

Temperatures in the eastern parts range from -5 to -15 degrees and -10 to -20 in the northwest as the weekend draws to a close.


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