SNL’s ‘TBEN & Friends’ Turns On Trump: ‘He’s Dead To Us’


Before Dave Chappelle took the stage in the first episode of Saturday Night Live after this month’s midterm elections, the show opened with the hosts TBEN & Friends regret that the Republican Party is much worse than expected in the polls.

“What a terrible week for the GOP,” Mikey Day’s Steve Doocy began. “The Democrats retain control of the Senate, so what the hell happened to that red wave people were talking about?”

“Yeah, who promised that?” Brian Kilmeade of Bowen Yang replied. “Because we can’t be it every day.” The crew quickly moved on to explain how bad all of these developments were for Donald Trump, with Kilmeade adding that “according to a company-wide email we got this morning, he’s dead to us.”

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Then came a quick appearance from Cecily Strong’s Kari Lake, who was ranting against the electoral system one moment when she was losing and then urging viewers to trust the process the next time she was back in charge.

And moments later Donald Trump called James Austin Johnson from his daughter Tiffany’s wedding. When the hosts congratulated him on the big day, he replied, ‘Who? Oh yeah, they just take the vows.”

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“Mr. President, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we’ve moved on,” Heidi Gardner’s Ainsley Earhardt finally told him. “We can’t have you on the show anymore.”

“What have I done? Was it the uprising? The accusations? Blackmail Ukraine? Charlottesville? The murder?” Trump asked. “Just kidding.”

The answer to every question was no. “It was because you lost,” Doocy explained. “And Mr. President, we just don’t see a future with you, but we can still be friends.” As Trump desperately tried to tease his “big announcement” on November 15, they finally gave him the hook.

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“That was awkward, but we’re finally free!” said Doocy.

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