SoCal Gas is warning consumers: Massive gas bills are coming


SoCal Gas, which supplies natural gas throughout Southern California, warned consumers this weekend that their next bills will be unusually high, blaming what it calls unusually cold winter weather across the country.

In an email to consumers, the company wrote:

There’s no easy way to say this: January bills are likely to be higher than usual. An unprecedented cold snap across the country has in part caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double between December and January — much higher than expected. As a result, SoCalGas residential customers can expect that the typical January bill will likely be more than double the typical bill from last January, assuming the same amount of natural gas is used.

Natural gas prices have also been exacerbated by other factors. The Russian war in Ukraine has strained global supplies and encouraged the US to prioritize European natural gas needs. The Biden administration has also taken a negative approach to oil and gas development, halting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and making it more difficult to explore and develop oil resources on federal lands.

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Also in California, Democratic-led governments have seen the use of natural gas discouraged, despite it being the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and its increasing adoption over coal has allowed the US economy to reduce carbon emissions while it still enjoys years of growth.

The state has set a goal of producing 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045 – a goal the state will struggle to meet due to a lack of clear plans, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Analysts Bureau.

SoCal Gas offered consumers a number of energy-saving tips to help them lower their gas bills, including an online tool called “ways to save.”

The company is the largest natural gas distribution company in the country.

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