Some Tshwane ANCYL members to lay charges over controversial ‘steam-driven’ campaign to fight coronavirus


By TBEN Reporter 15 min ago

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Pretoria – A group of ANC Youth League (ANCYL) members in Tshwane intend to press charges against their regional leaders for smuggling “ fake news ” about the Covid-19 treatment.

The disinformation was inspired by the controversial advice of the late Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang to keep HIV / AIDS at bay, and the group is upset that its leaders use the ANCYL name on posters to promote disinformation to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, EWN reported. .

The posters, which were part of their ‘steaming’ campaign, which was circulated widely on social media, called on people to smoke at least three times a day, claiming it would expose the virus to extreme heat – killing him as well.

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They also claim that the pH levels of avocados and watercress stand at 15.6 and 22.7, despite the range only measuring 14.

Rule 11.5C of the Disaster Management Act prohibits the publication of information in any medium with the intent to deceive people.

Crisis committee spokesman Musawenkosi Buthelezi said: “They are spreading false information, which is misleading for the public. So we decided to open a case against the guys who made this poster using the ANCYL logo. “

Earlier, the Pretoria News reported that ANCYL Secretary Ratshi Mashamba said promoting good nutrition in fighting disease was learned from Tshabalala-Msimang.

“Remember she once advocated the importance of good nutrition in fighting any disease, including chronic disease. We are only honoring her memory. We stand by that in any battle what you take into account. account, ”Mashamba said.

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Tshabalala-Msimang has been repeatedly criticized for promoting nutrition before antiretroviral drugs.

Regarding steam, he said it was an indigenous practice, which should be adopted as part of the battle against the invisible enemy called Covid-19.

People usually pour boiled water into a bucket or bath and then inhale the steam.

“Steaming is very important. Not that we are against democratic government, but you would have seen how the World Health Organization (WHO) streamlines communication and they are not for indigenous suggestions.

“Most patients say that steaming helps them, so we encourage those who have not yet been infected to make it a habit and smoke three times a day,” he said.

According to him, the coronavirus infection was usually detected in people within days of contracting it.

“What we’re finding is that if you continuously improve your diet and your diet, you can make sure that disease doesn’t take hold in your system. There is a good chance that the coronavirus will weaken before it gets into your body. ,” he said.

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He cited that a country like China had minimal cases of Covid-19 even before the vaccine came along.

“It’s not like they’ve vaccinated 1.4 billion people. They’re using other means besides what the WHO says; their native means,” he said.

The steam-driven campaign was mainly carried out on social media as it was seen as an effective means of disseminating information.

Mashamba said the league had received positive feedback from residents, who said the steam was working for them.

“We are not saying this is the silver bullet, but it is part of the suggestions we are offering,” he said.



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