Sommaruga pleads for climate goals at G20 summits


(Go.) Sommaruga justified his demands by the responsibility of the G20 states. “G20 members are among the countries that produce the most emissions,” said a message from the Department of Sommaruga at the G20 meeting. The years 2020 and 2021 are crucial in the fight against climate change.

Sommaruga not only asked the G20 states to reduce their emissions to net zero. According to the communication, he also campaigned for new efforts with other European countries. “Those who invest in sustainability in retail and climate protection also help people and businesses.”

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This year, Switzerland was able to participate as a guest country at the summit of the 20 most important industrial and emerging countries. As the communication says, Switzerland took an active part in the work of the group and “made useful contacts”.

Sommaruga said the meeting was an important sign of multilateralism. There are several crises to overcome: the health and economic crisis due to Covid-19, but also the climate crisis and the crisis of the world trading system.

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