Sophie Monk & Jackie ‘O’ Henderson Without Makeup Enjoy Slumber Party


Girls’ night! No-makeup besties Sophie Monk and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson enjoy sleepover with fireside seafood buffet

The biggest personalities on TV have been best friends for years.

And on Thursday, Sophie Monk and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson took time out from their busy schedules to enjoy a cheeky sleepover together.

The Love Island host, 41, and radio titan, 46, posed for a gorgeous makeup-free selfie while soaking up the sun, before enjoying a delicious seafood buffet.

“ Sleepover with my Jackie, ” Sophie wrote next to the image, which showed her pouting in front of the camera as Jackie cuddled up behind her.

Sophie then turned the camera over to their delicious seafood buffet near a fire pit, featuring two platters of oysters and giant prawns.

Just a few months ago, best friends shared what they tend to do when they finally get the chance to catch up.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Sophie explained: ‘We don’t really like going out, we’re very similar like that.

“We sit on the balcony having a glass of wine and we talk for hours.

Jackie added, “ Soph is one of my best friends, and it’s no secret that we do our fair share when we get together. ”

When asked who is the best cook at home, Sophie admitted it was her fiancé, Joshua Gross.

“Josh – hands down! I am really embarrassed at how much better a cook he is. I must say, however, that I am improving with cooking, ”she added.

Sophie and Josh met on an international flight in 2018 and celebrated their second birthday in July.

The beloved duo then announced their engagement in January 2021, after weeks of speculation.

Happiness: Sophie and Josh Gross (pictured) got engaged in January

Happiness: Sophie and Josh Gross (pictured) got engaged in January




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