Souness laughed after Redknapp spat on Sky Sports


Jamie Redknapp and Graeme Souness faced off on Sky Sports on Sunday over Dele Alli, which left the former wondering, “Why are you laughing?”

The duo were discussing Dele Alli’s return to Spurs roster under Ryan Mason after Tottenham’s comfortable victory over Wolves. Alli has yet to complete a full game this season, but managed a joint record of 82 minutes against Wolves. And after the attacking midfielder was greeted by Mason for his demonstration.

Alli, 25 years old said he was “enjoying his football again” after hitting the post in a dominant 2-0 home win. Alli was frozen by ax boss Jose Mourinho and almost left the club in January. But Mason returned to Alli, playing in midfield behind a three forward striker from Harry Kane, Gareth Bale and Son Heung-min.

His performance led to a studio discussion about Alli’s abilities and the reasons for his lack of playing time under Mourinho. And Redknapp blamed only Mourinho’s gate.

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Redknapp said: “If Jose Mourinho doesn’t pick you, it really doesn’t mean anything. We saw what he did to Luke Shaw and players like that.

“Since he left, look at the player he’s become. Jose Mourinho seems to want to fall out with a lot of his players. He [Alli] is a quality player. He is 25 years old and on average nearly one in three [goals] every game.

“If you can’t get him into the squad – and we’ve seen that with Gareth Bale since Jose left. He is a manager who has won everything. You cannot continue to quarrel with your players. “

Souness wasn’t so sure. “But he did it for a reason.

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Redknapp replied, “There is no reason. The reason is that he likes to look everywhere rather than himself. It’s a fact. You can’t tell… one in three he gets, Graeme. Don’t want to use this? Do it on the bench… ”

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‘Too too soon’

Souness said: “I have no doubts about his qualities. I would love for him to sit here and answer our questions. I think, seen from the outside, this is a classic case of too too soon. Too much fame too soon. Too much of everything too soon and he fell into a chair. Please God, for him and for Tottenham’s sake, [I hope] he’s coming back to what he was.

Redknapp: “I don’t disagree with that. I’m a huge fan, but there is more he can do. He should look at this season now and say, ‘Where can I go from here? because he’s too good a player not to be part of the team. And I know Jose is going to fall out with his players, but he also has to watch himself.

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“He has enormous capacity. But he’s got to come back next season – and with no disrespect – to ram Graeme’s throat and say ‘I can do it’, because his numbers … one in three for an attacking midfielder, I think. that it is only Frank Lampard and [Steven] Gerrard who probably did better than that… Why are you laughing?

Souness added, “There is a player trapped in this body. Show us. Prove that we are all wrong.

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