Sources Yle: Government accepts Covid no singing, no dancing policy for bars and restaurants


The Finnish government is planning new restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus through bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Image: Petteri Bülow / Yle

Yle learned that government parties agreed to a new restriction that would ban singing and dancing in authorized premises.

The measures would only apply to hostels located in areas considered to be in the phase of the epidemic’s spread.

According to the latest update from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the University Hospital District of Helsinki (HUS) as well as the hospital districts in the Kanta-Häme regions, southwest of the Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa are currently in the propagation phase. .

The restrictions are aimed at reducing human contact within bars and restaurants in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, and in particular more contagious variants of the virus.

From a legal point of view, Yle understands that the new measures will not require any major modification of the current regulations. However, exact information on when the latest restrictions will go into effect is not yet available.

The government is meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the coronavirus situation at the House of States in Helsinki. Another meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, when updated restrictions on bars and restaurants become part of the agenda.

No agreement on opening hours yet

Yle’s sources also revealed that officials from different government departments have discussed a number of options related to introducing new restrictions on bars and restaurants.

A major point in the negotiations has been the limitation of opening hours if the coronavirus situation in Finland moves to phase two.

Helsingin Sanomat reported (link is external in Finnish) last week that a proposal to stop serving at 5 p.m. and close doors at 6 p.m. was also under consideration, but no agreement was reached. Authorities have yet to agree to a measure further restricting the capacity of customers at licensed premises.

These measures, if introduced, would only apply to premises located in areas in the spreading phase, including Yle.


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