South Africa’s largest private sector employer just saw another growth spurt in this company


The Shoprite Group says its Sixty60 delivery service continues to grow exponentially, having rolled out to more territories in the past fiscal year ending July 3, 2022.

The group said Sixty60’s growth performance continues with a 150% increase in sales over the past year, while 6,299 new jobs since launch in late 2019, and more than double the 2870 employees in this unit a year ago.

It said it created 4,316 new jobs in South Africa over the course of the year.

Shoprite claims to be the largest South African retailer by market capitalization, revenue, profit, and the number of employees and customers.

“We are a company with more than 145,000 employees, thousands of stores and a network of distribution centers across Africa. We serve local communities with the lowest price promise. More than 30 million people shop every day in our footprint of more than 2,989 stores.”

“Our on-demand one-hour delivery app Checkers Sixty60 continued to innovate and grow its revenue despite reporting against an incredible growth trajectory identified after its launch two years ago,” said Pieter Engelbrecht, Shoprite chief executive officer, earlier in September.

The group entered into an agreement with RTT Group, Checkers Sixty60’s delivery partner. Under this agreement, the on-demand activities of the RTT Group were transferred to a new company, Pingo Delivery, in which Shoprite Checkers has a 50% interest.

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Pingo Delivery provides us with a critical building block for executing our strategy to own intellectual property in last mile logistics, while providing us with a platform to monetize our expertise in this area.

Despite the growth of its established food retail business, Shoprite also continued to grow omnichannel revenue opportunities in adjacent pet and infant categories. The group launched its new e-commerce platform PetShop Science in July 2022.

“Something I want to draw your attention to is the 19.6% increase in other revenues,” Engelbrecht said in an interview with Moneyweb’s Fie Peters.

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“We’ve been warning or warning the market about that for the last five years – that we’re doing a lot of these alternative and complementary revenue activities after we re-platform, and we can add all of these services. You basically have to add that back to the trading profit line.” to get a real picture, because this additional revenue is only going to get bigger in the near future,” he said.

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