S’pore officials receive a 1.1 month bonus on top of the 13 months bonus


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Officers receive an annual variable component (AVC) bonus at the end of the year worth 1.1 months of their salary, in addition to their usual 13th month bonus, while junior officers with ranks MX15 and below receive an additional one-time bonus payment of S$700.

AVC bonus of 1.1 months

The AVC is based on Singapore’s economic performance and is usually paid out twice a year.

For the year 2022, civil servants in Singapore will receive a total of 1.45 months AVC for the whole year, while junior officers would receive a one-off additional payment of up to S$1,100, including their respective interim payments.

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All civil servants will also receive their one-month non-pensionable annual stipend (NPAA), otherwise known as their 13th month bonus for all civil servants, the Public Service Division (PSD) of the Prime Minister’s Office said in their Nov. 24 press release. .

GDP grew more slowly, but still growing

PSD said the decision to pay all civil servants an AVC bonus at the end of the year comes after close consultations with public sector unions.

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They also took into account the economic outlook, where the Ministry of Commerce and Industry expects Singapore’s GDP to grow more slowly due to global economic conditions, while also acknowledging the hard work of officials.

PSD said the government greatly appreciates the hard work and sacrifice of all public officials who have responded to challenges with dedication and tenacity.

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