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Singapore – A touching story of a father and his three-year-old son who had to be isolated together after contracting Covid-19 has been shared online through 12 sets of TikTok videos, and counts, as they accompany them during their quarantine isolation.

The boy’s father Dovanson Quah uploads and shares the series of updates on TikTok during his 40s.

Her first article on their journey of isolation titled “When your 3-year-old kena covid” was uploaded last Monday (November 22) and has now reached over 250,000 views!

Quah said he received a text message saying someone tested positive for Covid-19 at his son’s preschool on Saturday, November 20. The next day, Quah’s wife immediately had a rapid home antigen test (ART) for their son, Aziel, who showed signs of weakness and fever.

The results arrived after a few hours, and Quah rushed to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to put his Aziel through a swab test. During this time, his wife then disinfected and cleaned Aziel’s room.

The family then decided to make the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom a seclusion space in their home for Aziel and her father.

In the first video update, before locking the master bedroom door, Aziel said “Goodbye, I want to hug mom.”

Quah replied, “No hugs,” as he feared the virus would spread to their home.

Aziel and her mother gently exchanged “I love you” as she carried her little brother, standing with an aide outside the master bedroom, both wearing face masks.

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The father and son showed them first to organize their clothes by separating the dirty from the clean. Some essentials prepared by Aziel’s mother were also seen in the video, such as art supplies, N95 masks, tissues, disinfectants and Pokémon stickers for her son.

The little boy also showed their viewers his diapers, educational books, and some of his shirts and pants, but his father immediately reminded him with a laugh, “You’re not going out.”

The boy looked happy despite having contracted the virus. Her father continued to document their situation during dinner and before going to bed, as he read her a story before bed.

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At the end of their video, before falling asleep, Quah asked Aziel, “Aziel, do you think I’ll have Covid-19 too?” To that, Aziel answered without hesitation: “Yes! As his father laughed out loud.

On Tuesday (November 23), Quah took the rapid antigen test (ART) and found that he too had tested positive for Covid. The father and son were then transferred to a hotel to continue their quarantine.

Quah and Aziel, despite the obstacles, continue to live their lives in isolation but with the spirit of defeating the virus in the end.

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With the video updates shared by Quah, many are hopeful that the two will soon recover and be able to return home to their families again.

Photo: screenshot from Tiktok / dodovanson

Upcoming updates can be viewed on Quah’s TikTok account here @dodovanson / TISG

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