S’porean powerlifter breaks own U-52kg world record with 201kg deadlift


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Singaporean powerlifter Farhanna Farid broke a world record she set earlier this year in the under-52kg category on September 16.

The 29-year-old lifted 201kg at the inaugural 2022 Southeast Asian Cup in Johor Bahru, breaking her previous world record of 200.5kg.

Her previous world record was at the 2022 World Open Classic Powerlifting Championships, held in South Africa on June 6.

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Completed lift on second attempt

Farhanna achieved her world-breaking lift on her second attempt.

On her first attempt, she successfully lifted 192.5 kg.

Photo via Malaysian Powerlifting Association/YouTube.

She then made the world record attempt on her second attempt and successfully lifted 201 kg, to much applause and cheers from the room.

Farhanna tried again to break her record by lifting 203 kg on her third attempt, but failed.

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Photo via Intan Krishanty.

Best Female Hitchhiker

Farhanna was also awarded the title for best female lifter at the event.

Photo via Intan Krishanty.

Clinton Lee, who is president of Powerlifting Singapore, also took home the title of best male lifter at the event.

The Singaporean team performed well throughout the event, winning the Best Overall Nation Team title after earning 26 gold, seven silver and nine bronze medals in the four-day event.

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Photo via Intan Krishanty.

Five other Singaporeans, Shirley Chu, Nigel Ng, Patricia Lynn Meyer, Saudi Tan and Yunie Yang, have also made their mark by setting Asian records in their respective events.

Top photos via Intan Krishanty

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