S’porean woman with schizophrenia acquitted of stabbing 8-year-old daughter to death


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A 35-year-old woman who had untreated schizophrenia pleaded guilty Tuesday (Sept. 20) to the murder of her eight-year-old daughter by stabbing her to death last year.

However, the Singaporean woman, who is now 36, was acquitted of the murder charges as it was determined that she was not healthy at the time of the crime. CN reported.

Woman heard voices telling her to kill daughter

The court heard that the woman had heard voices telling her that her eldest daughter was an evil spirit who needed to be killed.

On Aug. 10, 2021, the woman heard the voices again while in a room with both her daughters in a housing unit at 31 Geylang Lorong, according to The Straits Times.

Then she stabbed her eight-year-old daughter a dozen times in the neck, torso, face, arms and hands, while her other four-year-old daughter looked on, Today reported.

She didn’t stop until the voices told her to.

Deputy prosecutor Teo Lu Jia told the court that the voices then ordered the woman to take off all her clothes and commit suicide, police said. CN.

The woman’s brother then entered the room.

The woman cannot be named to protect the identity of the other daughter.

Will be held for “indefinite time”

A psychiatrist’s assessment of the woman revealed that she was “severely psychotic” at the time of the crime, completely out of touch with the reality that she could not distinguish right from wrong.

The prosecutors requested that the woman be acquitted of the murder charges, because she was not of sound mind at the time of the crime.

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The judge ordered the woman to be kept in jail and the matter reported to the minister.

The minister can then incarcerate the woman “indefinitely” in a mental institution, prison, or other appropriate place at the discretion of the president.

The court heard that the woman is currently at high risk of self-harm and needs long-term supervision and psychiatric care.

Second daughter hid behind the door

On the day of the murder, the woman was in her room with her two daughters. Her brother and his wife, as well as her niece and nephew, were also in the apartment, while the woman’s parents worked in their coffee shop.

The woman’s niece was having breakfast when she heard the woman speak incoherently in Mandarin and mention the names of Chinese historical figures, Today and CN reported.

The niece informed her mother of what she had heard, but her mother rejected the claims. The niece then went back to her breakfast.

She then heard screams coming from the woman’s room and decided to start a recording in case the woman wanted to seek medical attention in the future.

The woman’s brother decided to check on the woman and saw the eight-year-old girl lying motionless on the floor amid a pool of blood.

The woman was naked and was holding a pair of scissors.

He called the family to call the police. He also saw a blood-stained knife on the floor and quickly threw it out of the room before closing the door.

He grabbed pillows to protect himself and went back into the room.

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The woman waved the scissors at him.

Seeing the younger daughter hiding behind the door, he grabbed her from the room and hid in another bedroom with the rest of his family while they waited for the police and his parents to arrive.

When the police and ambulance arrived, the woman was still holding the scissors.

The woman was then dressed and arrested after officers determined she no longer posed an immediate threat.

The victim was transferred to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Despite attempts at resuscitation, the girl was pronounced dead. She had sustained 64 penetrating injuries.

The cause of her death were stab wounds to the neck and torso.

Schizophrenia went untreated for years

The court heard that the woman had schizophrenia that went untreated for years, and that her condition worsened over time.

The woman began hearing voices in March 2021. At that point, the voices were soft and rare, gradually becoming louder and more disturbing as time went on.

The voices would tell her that her food, water and her family’s cooking were poisoned. They also told her to harm herself and her family. The voices specifically said that her eldest daughter was an evil spirit that needed to be killed.

Her family also noticed that she has been acting strangely since 2018. They said she was often paranoid, thinking that people were stalking her, or that her family was poisoning her.

Woman acted erratic in days before murder

In the two days leading up to the murder, the woman was also captured while acting erratically at MRT stations.

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CCTV footage revealed she had entered Aljunied MRT station to catch the train to Somerset. She left the station, but came back in after a few minutes. She then tapped out of the portal and left the station again.

She then took a train to Tanjong Pagar MRT station and re-entered and re-entered the station after a few minutes.

The woman had apparently behaved like this while following instructions from a voice.

On the day before the murder, the woman was seen with her youngest daughter at the Aljunied MRT station.

They chased a commuter through the portal and took a train to Tampines MRT, where she chased another commuter to exit the station.

Then she wandered aimlessly through Tampines for hours, sitting on the floor in the foyer of Tampines Mall with her daughter for about half an hour.

The woman said she had been instructed by votes to search for an apartment with unit number “#05-01” in Tampines.

The voices also told her not to bring her oldest daughter. The woman left the daughter at Aljunied’s MRT and told her to leave them. The girl then went to visit her grandparents who worked in a nearby coffee shop.

Investigations revealed that the murder was the woman’s first psychotic episode.

Her lawyers, who agreed with the prosecution that she should be acquitted, said that “a young, innocent life was lost” and that they hoped the woman would recover quickly so that she can one day be reunited with her elderly parents. and her surviving daughter.

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