St.Gallen paraglider crashes in Valais and dies


bad luck

St.Gallen paraglider crashes in Valais and dies

Tragic end for a paraglider pilot. For unknown reasons, he crashed into rough terrain in Valais. The rescue workers could only determine death.

Here the man from the canton of St.Gallen fell to his death.

Kapo VS

Any help came too late for the 51-year-old from St.Gallen. He took off with his paraglider on Thursday afternoon in the Minstigertal in Obergoms (VS). For reasons that are still unknown, he got into trouble and crashed into rough terrain, as the Valais canton police wrote on Friday.

People who saw the accident immediately alerted the emergency services. After unsuccessful resuscitation, however, they could only determine the death of the man. The federal prosecutor’s office, in cooperation with the Valais cantonal police, has launched an investigation. (mg)


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