Stage 6 load shedding on Sunday as Eskom struggles to keep units online


Eskom pushed the load shedding to phase 6 on Sunday as it continues to suffer from outages at its power plants.

The phase 6 load shedding went into effect from 4.16am on Sunday morning, it said, after a generating unit at the Kusile and Kriel power plants was shut down.

The power company had to move to phase 5 load shedding on Saturday after losing five units.

A press conference will be held at 10 a.m. to update the situation.

Earlier this week, Eskom’s Chief Operating Officer, Jan Oberholzer, said the power grid is extremely vulnerable to outages and any load shedding schedules could be changed at short notice.

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The COO said Eskom plans to ramp up maintenance in the coming summer months, which could lead to sporadic load shedding. He added that maintenance remains a big problem for the group as it is not seeing the expected results.

He said that once some units are put back into service after maintenance, they will break down again shortly after. He attributed the maintenance issues to a lack of the proper skills and experience needed to address the issues.

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The group recently released its load shedding outlook for the rest of the year, noting that it needs to keep unplanned outages below 13,000 MW to minimize ongoing power outages.

In a more heavily loaded scenario, if the outage remains above 14,500 MW, phase 2 load shedding will be frequent in the near future. If the utility cannot keep the outage below 16,000 MW, load shedding in higher phases will become the standard.


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For people who live in the major subways, tax shedding schedules are available here:

For access to other load shedding schemes, Eskom has made these available at

Smartphone users can also download the EskomSePush app to receive push notifications when load shedding is deployed, as well as the times the area you are in is off.