STB says it does not intend to change Singapore voucher redemption method


SINGAPORE: As it ramps up marketing efforts to get more Singaporeans to redeem their Singapore Rediscovers vouchers, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said it “has no intention of changing the fundamentals” of the how these vouchers are redeemed.

As part of strengthening the struggling tourism industry, it was announced last September that every Singaporean aged 18 and over would receive $ 100 in tourism vouchers that can be used for stays, attraction tickets and more. local tours.

The redemption of these vouchers began in December last year, but as of March 28, around three-quarters of Singaporean adults have not done so. These vouchers will expire at the end of June.

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Some users expressed concern about the complexity and inconvenience of having to sift through offers on five different booking platforms, as well as other issues encountered when making online reservations. Some also said that buying online can be intimidating for those who are less tech savvy, especially the elderly.

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When asked if there are plans to make it easier for people to redeem their vouchers, STB general manager Keith Tan said the tourist board previously explained why the program was designed as a “only digital process”, therefore “there is no plan for change. the fundamental mechanics of the diagram ”.

“What we can do and what we are already doing is to facilitate access to systems for those who are not so familiar with digital, whether through physical contact points in CCs (community centers ) or the physical platforms that have been established by our booking partners, ”he added.

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“And these are always available.”

However, there has been a drop in the number of people coming to physical contact points set up in community centers in recent weeks, Tan said.

“And I hope that’s also partly a reflection of the fact that once you’ve tried it at least once, you actually find that it’s not difficult at all,” he said. he declares.

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STB has started to intensify its marketing efforts to increase reimbursement rates.

“One of the main factors that we’ve noticed is that people are waiting for the next best deal (or) the next deal,” Tan told reporters at a press conference after the annual conference. STB industry.

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“We have worked with booking partners and ourselves to step up our marketing efforts to encourage people not to wait.”

There has been a “sharp increase” in voucher utilization rates over the past month. While the March school holidays could have played a role, Mr Tan said the trend continued.

“We believe there is a positive upturn in response to the marketing efforts of us and the five booking partners.”

There are no plans for the government to change the plan’s June 30 reimbursement deadline “at this time,” Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said in a written parliamentary response this week. .



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