StealthEX Review


StealthEX is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched in 2018 and is registered in the Marshall Islands. The exchange was created to make the crypto exchange process simple and seamless.

StealthEX provides a platform where crypto users can buy cryptocurrencies and conduct instant crypto exchanges and unlimited swaps.

In addition to its crypto exchange platform, the StealthEX trading system is also integrated into four other crypto exchanges, namely Huobi, Binance, HitBTC and KuCoin.

In this review, we will look at how the StealthEX crypto exchange works, its main features, its pros and cons, and why you should use it before making a final judgment.

How it works

The StealthEX offers a very user-friendly online platform where anyone can buy and exchange cryptocurrencies without having to create an account.

To buy crypto on StealthEX, switch to “Buy” and choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy once you click “Buy”. You also need to select the currency you want to use to pay as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, you need to enter the public address of the crypto wallet where you want to store the cryptocurrencies you buy. Transactions are irreversible and you must ensure that the address provided is correct. Sometimes, depending on the currency you choose to use, a user may also be asked to provide an additional ID in order for the transaction to go through.

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StealthEX uses a fiat buying partner called Mercuryo, and the widget appears as soon as you post the crypto address and click next.

With Mercuryo you can choose a payment method of your choice from the various payment methods allowed. And if it’s your first time buying crypto with Mercuryo, you’ll need to verify your identity.

Mercuryo processes transactions almost immediately after the identity verification and deposits the purchased crypto to the specified crypto wallet address.

To exchange crypto, switch to “Exchange”, then select the cryptocurrency you want to exchange, the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to exchange and enter the recipient’s wallet.

StealthEX calculates the number of exchanges crypto (in the case of the screenshot above, it is Ethereum). It then uses an algorithm to find the best crypto exchange rate and performs a swap for you by sending your crypto to an automatically generated address and then sending you the cryptocurrency you wanted in return.

Both the process of buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies on StealthEX is quick and simple, making it easy for everyone including beginners and crypto traders or investors on the go.

Most important features

Key StealthEX features include:

  • No Custody – StealthEX is a non-custodial crypto exchange; meaning users store their crypto assets in their crypto wallets.
  • Registration Free – StealthEX No requires no registration, making it possible for anyone to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies on the go faster and seamlessly. You simply go to the platform to buy your crypto of choice or exchange cryptocurrencies and store it in your wallet of choice outside of StealthEX.
  • Privacy – Since users are not required to create accounts, users do not disclose any personal information on the platform. In this way, the privacy of the users is guaranteed.

Pros and Cons of StealthEX


  • No registration or account is required to buy and exchange crypto on StealthEX.
  • The privacy of users is 100% guaranteed as the users do not provide any private information on the platform.
  • StealthEX offers smooth fast crypto swaps.
  • The StealthEX has a user-friendly platform that is easy to use even for crypto novices. It only takes about four steps to buy or exchange crypto.
  • StealthEX exchange has no fixed upper limit on exchanges; meaning users can exchange as much crypto as they want. For the minimum amount, users only need to have enough to cover network costs.


  • StealthEX does not have a mobile app, which means that users must visit their official website to use the platform.
  • StealthEX offers a limited number of crypto assets.
  • It also offers a very limited cryptocurrency service; something that is inadequate for advanced crypto traders looking for products such as crypto derivatives and off-ramp features
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Why should you use StealthEX?

If you like to trade crypto on the go, StealthEX could be the most suitable crypto exchange for you. The exchange is designed for quick and easy buying and exchanging of cryptocurrencies.

It only takes a few minutes to buy or buy crypto on StealthEX and you don’t need to create an account to buy or trade anything on the exchange. You just go to the StealthEX web interface, link your crypto wallet and buy or trade crypto.

In addition, StealthEX also partners with some of the top crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and KuCoin to ensure they get the best exchange rates when you buy or exchange cryptocurrencies.

Final verdict

StealthEX is best suited for crypto traders who like to trade or buy cryptocurrencies on the go. Its easy-to-use UI makes it a good exchange even for crypto novices.

In addition, it is non-custodial and requires no registration, thus ensuring users’ privacy by ensuring that their personal information does not fall into the wrong hands as it is not provided in the first place.

The biggest drawback we could get our hands on is the lack of a StealthEX mobile application, although it’s not much of a hindrance as the web interface is extremely easy to use.


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