Stocks this week: Buy Lam Research and Intel


There are four reasons to expect a higher S&P in the coming week.

From the 20e until December 7e the S&P is likely to increase. Thanksgiving’s bullish effect begins this week. It runs from 2 days before the holidays to early December.

The MOE bullish period (end of month) runs from late November to the first week of December, up 67% of the time.

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This time interval is a positive part of the 13 year cycle. It is bullish, up 12 (92.3%) of 13 (53.8% expected) since 1885.

The monthly cycle is at its lowest at the end of this month. The 5 buy signals were successful last year. The weekly cycle is also at its lowest at the end of this month. All 6 purchases were profitable last year.

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Here is a pair of long term trading recommendations for the short term.

Lam Research’s daily cycle is at its lowest. The daily cycle was profitable in 12 of 13 cases last year. The daily rhythm low on the 24the and tops 11e of December. The period of 20e through the 28e was the strongest period of the month for this title. The stock was one of the top performers on the NASDAQ and remains in absolute and relative bullish trends. The target is $ 450.

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Lam daily research cycle

Lam Research Daily Chart

Intel’s weekly cycle (all seven have been accurate in the past year, as have all six sales) low on November 26 and peak on December 25. The $ 47 to $ 48 area is a reasonable target. The stock remains in an overall downtrend and has low relative strength. This cycle projection is a short-term trade only, seeking a corrective rebound in a bear market.

Intel Daily Cycle

Intel Daily Chart



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