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‘Just don’t stay in this hotel. Don’t book it.’ — TikTok about ‘worst’ hotel in Orchard goes viral

Photo: TikTok screengrab/@ar.shit.ek

A woman recently warned travelers not to stay at the hotel she booked on Orchard Road after a pretty bad experience with both the staff and facilities.

“Just don’t stay in this hotel. Don’t book it,” said a TikToker passing rachhhhhhhel (@ar.shit.ek) on the platform.

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Man Promises His Business Partner A Rolex When She Scores An Investment, She Demands It Anyway, Messages Him 5 Times A Day Even At 3 A.m.

Fb screengrab: SUGAR BABY, photo for illustration only

A man who started doing business with a rather troubled partner found himself forced to keep promises he didn’t keep.

The man wrote in a Facebook post that he met a girl who asked him to start a business with her. She sounded hardworking and wanted to learn the trade. Although she asked for a salary of S$3,000, he wrote that he was not willing to pay her that amount for only six to 12 months to come up with ideas.

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Research shows Singapore consumers can’t discern how to properly recycle packaging, many find too much packaging for most products

Photo: mess at Lorong Ah Soo garbage deck/mrbrown Facebook page

A recent survey by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) shows that Singaporeans believe that many products contain too much packaging and are willing to buy products with more sustainable packaging.

On August 2, SEC launched the report “Unlocking Opportunities for Sustainable Packaging in Singapore”, which aims to gain insights to better understand the current attitude of consumers towards packaging and packaging waste.

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Letter to the editor | Reasons why Singaporeans are resorting to road rage rather than avoiding it

Photo: freepik/studio4rt (for illustration only)

Dear Editor,

I have read with concern the report, “Road on the road ‘a real and big problem’ in Singapore as drivers complain about feeling entitled to roads” (TODAY 16 July).

As we all know, Singapore is a well-known cosmopolitan city and the people live in a busy lifestyle, and most of the motorists feel miserable to adapt to the daily heavy traffic flow.

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Girl asks if it is difficult to work in a 2 story country house with 5 adults and 1 dog

A domestic helper who started working in a country house asked other helpers for advice on what it would be like there.

In an anonymous post on Facebook group FDW in Singapore (arboforum), the helper asked other domestic workers what it would be like to work for a family living on a 2-storey plot. She added that she would have to work for five adults and one dog.

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