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S’porean mom appeals to HDB for 2 years to buy 3-room apartment for son with dust mite allergy but only offered to buy resale flat they can’t afford

A mother who felt she was “treated unfairly as a Singaporean” has appealed to the Housing and Development Board (HDB) for the past two years to get a three-room flat because her son suffered from dust mite allergies.

In a lengthy post on Facebook page Complaint Singapore, Ah Nomore said her appeal to HDB has been rejected for the past two years as her son’s medical condition deteriorated.

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Complaints submitted to HDB since 2019 and no solution to drag furniture noise upwards

Photo: taken from Google Maps, used for illustration only

Noise pollution from other residents of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) can affect the living conditions of their neighbors – an issue that has been emphasized several times by the public.

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A Fernvale resident named Mdm Foo reached out to TBEN Singapore to say that she has been filing complaints with HDB since 2019 about the fact that their upstairs neighbor is dragging furniture on the floor.

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Xiaxue says Kim Lim’s Kandy Karnival birthday party at Sentosa ‘stunned her!’ but netizens say ‘we don’t need to know this’

Photo: IG screengrab/kimlimhl

No doubt about it, but Kim Lim knows how to party. The heiress threw a huge “Kandy Karnival” themed birthday party for herself and her young son Kyden at Sentosa on Saturday (July 23).

Ms Lim, who married earlier this year, turned 31, while little Kyden turned 5.

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Driver RYDE caught falling asleep 3 times while driving, nearly hit another car, scares passenger off

Photo: Facebook screenshot/ Hà Nhung

“Omg I’m so scared,” wrote one woman after the ride she took turned out to be more dangerous than she expected.

A netizen named Hà Nhung posted on her personal Facebook page photos and a video of her driver from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle, with the man looking as if he was indeed very sleepy.

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LGBT community speaks out against town hall to enforce 377A; police say no action is being taken against organizers

Photo: Fb-screengrab/Jason Wong

On July 23, organizers held an event at the Singapore Expo convention center to urge the government to “maintain the current political package and not repeal Section 377A,” the part of the Criminal Code that prohibits sex between men. punishable.

Section 377A, a relic from colonial times, does not appear to be in favor of repeal, even though human rights groups have asked for it. The government’s position was that it will not be enforced and people will not be prosecuted, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam underlined in a TBEN interview last month:.

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