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“Shout ‘ding dong’ really loud” upon arrival — Note from customer to Grab delivery person

Photos from Facebook / Motorworld Singapore and GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore

Normally, customer requests for delivery drivers in Singapore are “Leave at the door” or “Additional kitchenware, please”. However, a recent screengrab of a rather odd instruction to a Grab delivery driver has gone viral for asking the rider to “yell ‘ding dong’ very loudly”.

The screenshot of Grab Food delivery rider’s order ID was shared to an online group called GrabFood Delivery Rider Singapore. “I never thought that one day I would know these kinds of notes,” the caption read.

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Maid says she scrubbed and cleaned until her fingerprints disappeared; couldn’t unlock her phone with fingerprint

A foreign domestic worker took to social media after discovering she was scrubbing and cleaning so much that her fingerprints didn’t register on her phone.

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In a post on the popular Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), a helper wrote that she had to do a spring cleaning in anticipation of Chinese New Year (Jan 31, 2023). She had to clean because she planned to go back home on furlough in December.

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Trip down memory lane: Milo truck photo overwhelmed with nostalgia from those who still remember…

From Facebook / The Singapore Conscience

An old, faded photo of a Milo truck outside a school has taken many Singaporeans on a trip down memory lane. Many have responded to the throwback post that showcased the nostalgic scene by sharing their fond memories of the childhood staple.

On Monday (Nov. 21), an online Singaporean community page, The Singapore Conscience shared a special photo that sparked much talk among Singaporeans who once had the chance to experience grabbing a drink from the sweet treat truck.

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“SG Broadcasters Charge $98-$118 For Live World Cup Matches But Can’t Even Offer 4K Streams” – Football Fans Disappointed

Photo: Freepik/viarprodesign (illustrative only)

“Amazing production value at S$98 to S$118,” wrote one disappointed soccer fan about the quality of the 2022 World Cup broadcast in Singapore. Many others have also complained about the issue, with a handful comparing coverage in Singapore to that of neighboring countries.

“Singapore broadcasters charge $98-$118 for live World Cup matches but can’t even offer 4K streams,” one netizen wrote in a recent post on an online Singaporean news forum. The post shared a link to another post detailing the quality of coverage of the 2022 World Cup in other countries.

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Man repeatedly calls 7-year-old boy and his aunt ‘foreign rubbish’ then says ‘1000% foreign useless rubbish’ on SBS Transit bus

Photo: Twitter screengrab/@mirax

A racist incident on a bus involving her young nephew understandably upsets a woman, who posted about it on Twitter, Sunday (Nov 20). A man called her and her nephew “foreign rubbish” on a number of occasions after the boy took off his mask to drink some water, she wrote.

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The woman and her cousin had been on board SBS transit 6054G from Kovan on Saturday and the boy took a sip. At that moment, the bus driver came shouting at the boy. This made the woman “extremely angry,” but she “put up with it.” She then apologized and told her cousin to put on his mask. Unfortunately, another older man said, “All right, get rid of that foreign crap!”

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