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Girl Says After 4 Months In Singapore She Wants To Break Contract And Go Home

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After arriving in Singapore for the first time, a foreign housekeeper decided that this was not a life for her and wanted to break her contract and go back home.

In an anonymous post on Facebook page FDW in Singapore (arboforum), the maid wrote that she had been in Singapore for almost four months. Although she gave no reason why she wanted to break her contract and return to the Philippines, she asked what she should do.

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Girl cooks the same food for her employer every day of the week, adds her own snacks to the employer’s family errands

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Photo: Freepik/jcomp (for illustration only)

A recently hired foreign domestic helper seemed to do more of what she wanted than what her employers asked of her.

In an anonymous post on Facebook group FDW in Singapore (arboforum), an employer who had recently cut budget and had to stay at home with her helper and toddler had some questions about how to deal with the helper.

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Taxi driver receives strict warning from LTA for not checking vehicle after passenger leaves wallet and reports incident

Photo: FB screen grab/Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road

Taxi drivers in Singapore are urged to check their vehicles in case a passenger leaves something behind. This is to prevent you from receiving a warning from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) if a passenger reports an incident.

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A taxi driver shared a warning letter from LTA to Facebook page Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road, demonstrating that he had not searched the vehicle for property left by a passenger at the end of the journey on July 9, 2022.

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Couple struggles to pay S$12K loan after lavish wedding forced by parents

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After pressure from their parents to host a lavish wedding, a couple must now repay a hefty loan. The bride confessed more details online, which were later shared on the Emosi Twitter page on Nov. 8.

She said she has been crying for the past six months instead of experiencing happiness after the wedding. The woman said she and her husband have regular jobs; she is a government contract worker and her husband is a clerk.

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Netizen sues after Grab delivery man hangs order at neighbor’s gate and then ‘disappears so quickly’

Photo: GrabFood FB / For illustrative purposes only

A netizen and their neighbor tried to correct a mistake made by a Grabfood delivery person, who had placed an order at the wrong gate. And despite the neighbor yelling to get the rider’s attention, he immediately left.

They even tried to call Grab’s helpline, which was not easy, a netizen going by July wrote Lai on the popular Facebook page COMPLAINT SINGAPORE on Monday (Nov. 7).

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