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Customer says SGH food stall attendant refused to serve customers who queued for 10 minutes; was told it’s closed despite lots of food left?

Photo: Fb screengrab/complaintsingapore

A customer was very dissatisfied with the service provided by i.Fish at Kopitiam, Singapore General Hospital — claiming that a female clerk saw three customers, including the disgruntled customer herself, queue for ten minutes but did not tell them the stall was closed used to be .

The clerk refused to serve the people in line and just ignored their questions.

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“Everything we have achieved can easily be wasted and lost…if the party is not rowing in the same direction in public,” Pritam Singh tells WP Youth Wing

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Photo: FB-screengrab/The Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW)

Speaking at the WP Youth Wing Volunteer Town Hall on Saturday (September 3), Pritam Singh, Workers’ Party leader and leader of the opposition, underlined the importance of groundwork and regular outreach in the party’s efforts “to boost the voices of Singaporeans.” represent”.

“Always an eye opener to talk to younger Singaporeans about things they care about,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Sept. 4.

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Ang Moh Exchange Student Claims Entire Singapore Army Is Obsessed With Her, Says Every Man Here Is On His Knees For Her

In a video that appeared to be a publicity stunt or a cry for attention on social media, a female student on an exchange program made a TikTok video titled, “How I manifested the whole Singaporean Army to obsess over me.”

In the video posted on Saturday (September 3) and since deleted, the woman begins by saying, “In case you guys didn’t know, I’ve got the entire Singapore National Service obsessed with me”.

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Ex-international school teacher gets five years in prison for sexual acts and dating 14-year-old girl

ex-international-schoolteacher-five-year-prison-for-sexual-acts-and-dating-14 year-old girl

A teacher asked a 14-year-old student to be his girlfriend; after the two had sex, the teacher told the girl it was a “natural thing” and gave her birth control pills to prevent her from getting pregnant.

The defendant, a 29-year-old man, pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault against a minor on Aug. 5 and was sentenced to five years in prison; the sentence also took into account two other crimes.

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Singapore hotel prices highest in 10 years; ranging S$259/night on average

Photo: freepik/katemangostar (for illustration only)

Staycations are getting more expensive in Singapore, with accommodations costing an average of S$259 per night.

Bloomberg reported Monday (Sept. 5) that hotel rooms in the country are now the most expensive in nearly a decade.

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