Stranded passengers disembark from Viking Grace


Passengers on the Viking Grace arrive at the Mariehamn terminal on Sunday.

Image: Markku Sandell / Yle

Some 300 passengers and 98 crew disembarked on Sunday morning after spending the night on the boat which ran aground Saturday afternoon off Mariehamn.

Workers pulled the ship into Mariehamn harbor in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Passengers told Yle that while the atmosphere on the ship was calm, many were hoping to disembark on Saturday.

Viking Line said it was providing passengers with an alternative means of transportation back home.

Although officials have yet to determine the cause of the crash, a spokesperson for Viking Line Johanna Boijer-Svahnström these storm force winds played a role in the grounding of the vessel.

Coast Guard divers, who detected no leaks in the vessel on Saturday, will re-inspect Viking Grace on Sunday.

From Monday Gabriella of Viking Line will replace Viking Grace departures from Turku. Viking Grace operates the Stockholm-Åland Islands-Turku route.

Saturday’s crash was Viking Line’s second incident this fall. In September, passengers evacuated the Viking Amorella after it ran aground in the Åland archipelago.


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