‘Success’ creator burns King Charles in Emmy speech


Armstrong, a British native, took home the Outstanding Drama Series award when he sent home to the events.

“Big week for follow-up,” he noted. “Apparently our victory involved slightly more votes than Prince Charles.”

“Keep it royalist,” Scottish star Brian Cox intervened, perhaps to soften the edginess.

“I’m not saying we’re more legitimate in our position. We’ll leave that to other people,” Armstrong continued.

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Charles succeeded his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to the throne after her death last week at the age of 96.

But even a time of mourning and transition has not stopped the barbs. The new monarch even took a slur on the way he instructed staff to clear his desk while signing the accession proclamation.

Armstrong has previously mocked the powerful at the Emmys, offering a “no thank you” to then-President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the 2020 ceremony.

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