Successful Trading Could Cause Massive NBA 2K21 Tilt


Where’s Brooklyn?

Chances are it’s all over your TV or monitor if you play NBA 2K21 a lot online.

NBA 2K21 players were already selecting the Brooklyn Nets at a relatively high level in Play Now Online games, but that is expected to take a huge spike in the coming weeks.

On Wednesday, the Houston Rockets reportedly agreed to a massive trade that will send disgruntled superstar and future Hall of Fame member James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets in a four-team trade that also involved the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s a breakdown of the entire exchange by Athletic’s Shams Charania:

Trade makes the Nets the only current team with three players rated 90 or higher. Currently the Nets have Kevin Durant and now Harden has an overall rating of 96 and Kyrie Irving has a 92 rating. If you’re playing without current injuries, Spencer Dinwiddie is rated 83, and there’s DeAndre Jordan at 79 and the shooter. elite Joe Harris at 78.

This is what you call, my friends, a monster NBA 2K team.

In NBA 2K, generally, the most desirable players have a solid combination of speed, dribbling, three-point shooting, and that’s an added bonus if they can end up on the edge with dunks. Durant and Harden have the full 2K package, and Irving only lacks the dipping ability.

Still, players can initiate an attack with three different perimeter players, and that’s a luxury no other team in the game provides. Whether you’re a Nets fan or not, this is a bunch of fun things to control.

Right now the Los Angeles Lakers are the most frequently selected team online, but something tells me that could change.

Whether this Nets squad will reunite in real life remains to be seen, but get ready to see a heavy dose of Brooklyn every time you play PNO.


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