‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox Says Showtime’s ‘Billions’ Is ‘Over Selling’


After helping succession creator Jesse Armstrong avoided a Royal faux pas at the Emmys last night, the HBO show’s star may have committed one of his own according to Hollywood’s unspoken etiquette.

Brian Cox was asked by the Times of London about a possible fifth season for the hit show, which won Best Drama from the TV Academy last night.

“I don’t know,” Cox replied. “Nobody has had their contract extended. Who knows how long it will last? We don’t want it to stay welcome like [Showtime’s] Billions; that is past the expiration date. That will not happen with our show.”

HBO Showtime’s harmenfreude aside, Cox’s candid assessment of another show—especially one featuring an actor as well-regarded as Paul Giamatti—goes against the (outwardly) genius stance most take in Hollywood. But Cox is not one to shut up.

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In his 2021 memoir Putting the rabbit in the hatcalled the actor Johnny Depp “overestimated…overrated”, Ed Norton “a pain in the ass”, Steven Seagal “as ridiculous in real life when he appears on screen” and characterized Quentin Tarantino’s films as “everything on the surface. Plot mechanics instead of depth.”

Cox later came back to Depp’s comments, telling TBEN in a January interview, “Well, I thought I should be honest about who people are, and it’s just my opinion… And I’ve been criticized a lot for it. disrespect of what and stuff and people obviously haven’t read the book and they think I’m trying Johnny Depp Well I’m not going to Johnny Depp I don’t respect Johnny Depp I think Johnny Depp did an incredible job , but he is… you know, I have my reservations.”

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Billions was renewed for a seventh season earlier this year. succession has been wildly successful – as last night’s Emmy wins attest – throughout its first three seasons. The principals have remained reluctant about season 4, which according to Armstrong “filmed abroad” last night. Matthew Macfadyen, who won an Emmy on Monday for his portrayal of Tom Wambsgan, said that after last season’s family backstabbing finale, Season 4, “We’re picking up some time after the dust settles a bit. Not very much after all.”

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“It’s a good ending, it makes the story ready for the future,” the actor teased.

The big question is whether the coming season will be the last. Succession Season 4 will debut in the spring, Casey Bloys confirmed to TBEN on Monday.

It will be creator Jesse Armstrong’s decision when the show will end, Bloys reiterated, noting that Armstrong has not yet announced whether the series will continue beyond season 4.

Writer Georgia Pritchett told The Sunday Times earlier this year: “I think the maximum would be five seasons, but possibly more four,” she told the paper. “On this point [Armstrong] says just one more [season]. But that happens every time. We have a happy ending in sight.”


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