Suicide within 30 days of testing positive to be treated as COVID-19 death: center tells SC


If a person commits suicide within 30 days of testing positive for the coronavirus, it will be considered a COVID-19-related death, the Supreme Court Center informed Thursday. In such a case, the next of kin will be entitled to an ex gratia amount of Rs 50,000.

The government has submitted guidelines to the Supreme Court on what would constitute a death related to COVID-19. Previously, the government had declared that deaths due to poisoning, suicide, homicide, accident, etc.

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The Supreme Court had asked the government to reconsider this condition. The Supreme Court, for its part, appreciated the government for setting ex gratia payments to the closest relatives of those who succumbed to the pandemic. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed the court that NDMA had recommended ex gratia payment of 50,000 rupees to the next of kin of those who died from COVID-19 and spoke about the guidelines.

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“Today we are very happy. There will be some comfort for those who have suffered. Whatever the government is doing … We are happy that something is being done to wipe away the tears of those who have suffered. … because what India did, no other country could do, ”remarked Judge MR Shah, sharing a bench with Judge AS Bopanna.

Family members of the deceased can raise their grievance to the relevant district level committee if the issued death certificate does not recognize it as “death from COVID-19.” Government guidelines stated that one case of COVID-19, while admitted to the hospital / inpatient facility, and which continued as the same admission beyond 30 days and subsequently died, should be treated as a death from COVID-19.

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