Tabitha Karanja honored in Africa


Tabitha Karanja, CEO of Keroche Breweries was honored by businesswomen Comesa as a role model in the business world.

Tabitha Karanja has been nominated as part of a campaign called ’30 days of women in business’ due to her success as a woman in the African business environment.

The current campaign 50 million African women speak platform (50MAWSP) involves businesswomen from the Comesa region who appoint their female role models in business.

Keroche Breweries Founder and CEO Tabitha Karanja.

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50 million African women speak platform (50MAWSP) The platform enables women from COMESA member states, EAC, ECOWAS and other African countries to find information on how to run businesses, where to access financial services and how to create business opportunities.

Karanja is one of Kenya’s leading entrepreneurs, a remarkable pioneer who defied odds to conquer the male-dominated industry.

Tabitha has beaten the odds to become Kenya’s leading beer and alcoholic beverage maker, a company with a production facility targeting 20% ​​of the Kenyan market.

She has battled high taxes, competition and other business challenges to create an internationally admired Kenyan business success story.

Women entrepreneurs appoint leaders who inspire them.

Nominees for the campaign can be either women who run large companies or those who are not in the limelight.

Beatrice Hamusonde, Comesa Director for Gender and Social Affairs is delighted with the responses the campaign is receiving from women across the continent.

“When we launched this campaign, we focused on the Comesa region, but we are delighted to see so many women from all over Africa interacting and celebrating,” she said.

Women who wish to participate in the campaign should visit the 50MAWSP site and submit short stories about their most admired businesswomen, explaining why and what they would tell them if they had the chance to meet them in person.

Tabitha Karanja.

Tabitha Karanja.

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