Tamil Nadu to organize its third COVID-19 vaccination campaign on September 26


Tamil Nadu has embarked on a vaccination campaign in the state. With the success of its first and second vaccination campaigns which took place on September 12 and 19, the state is eagerly awaiting its third mega vaccination camp to be held on September 26 with a goal of vaccinating at least 15 lakh people.

According to the Ministry of Health, the goal of the first mega vaccination camp was to inoculate 20 lakh people, instead a total of 21.98 lakh people were vaccinated at 40,000 centers across the state.

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For the second, the state set a target of 15 lakhs, but the total turned out to be 16.43 lakhs, and the government expects more people in the third edition, the minister said.

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, Deputy Stalin, has already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking for the allocation of 50 lakhs of vaccines per week for the state to organize mega vaccination camps. In the letter, he said the state would provide at least one dose of vaccine to its entire population if the Center allocates 50 lakh doses each week.

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According to the state health minister, “We will be vaccinating a minimum of 15 lakhs across the state through the third mega vaccination camp. As I said earlier, the state has the infrastructure to vaccinate 6 lakhs per day. The mega vaccination camps help the health ministry reach its goal much sooner and we expect the central government to provide us with 50 lakh doses of vaccine per week so that we complete the inoculation of the whole population. with a minimum of a single dose of vaccine in late October. “

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