Tampa police have made arrests after drug operation in Ybor City called Operation Last Call


TAMPA, Florida – Tampa police have arrested four people after a two-month drug-buying operation dubbed “Operation Last Call.”

The police worked undercover in several bars and nightclubs and dealt with narcotics between July and September 2022 as part of Operation Last Call.

Several individuals sold drugs in Ybor City branches. Officials say the suspects worked in functions such as bartending, serving and promoting at the establishments. They would conduct their transactions with customers by passing the drugs to customers through shot glasses, in receipt holders and under trays.

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“We will not tolerate individuals using businesses in our city as a playground for illegal activity,” Chief Commissioner Mary O’Connor said. “Ybor City is one of the most popular attractions in Tampa for both our residents and tens of thousands of visitors to our city each month. We will continue to work to keep this area intended for fun as a safe place to visit.”

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Officers were able to purchase drugs ranging from cocaine to Adderall on several occasions at the Southern Nights club (1401 E 7th Ave), White Lie bar (1710 E 7th Ave), Coyote Ugly Saloon (1722 E 7th Ave), and Tangra Nightclub ( 1611 E 7th Ave).

Officers expect to make at least two more arrests.

On September 13, Brandon Brinson, 33, a bartender at Southern Nights, was arrested on charges of delivering a controlled substance within 100 feet of a church because the nightclub was located near a church in 1700 block of N 16th Street.

The Tampa . Police Department

On September 18, 30-year-old Promise Toby, who worked as a bartender at the White Lie bar, was arrested and charged with supplying a controlled substance within 30 feet of a church three times and arrested for failing to appear. (driving an unregistered vehicle and driving with a suspended license).

The Tampa . Police Department

On September 14, Carlos Diaz, 33, who worked as a bartender in Tangra, was arrested on a count of delivering a controlled substance within 30 feet of a church.

The Tampa . Police Department

On September 20, Ashley Poole, 32, a server at Coyote Ugly, was arrested on two counts of supplying a controlled substance within 30 feet of a church.

The Tampa . Police Department


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