Taos man arrested for eighth DWI violation


September 18 – A Taos man was arrested Sunday night by New Mexico state police on suspicion of his eighth DWI violation.

Pete Pedroncelli, 60, was driving in Taos around 10 p.m. when he was stopped on Tewa Street for a traffic violation, state police said in a press release. Lieutenant Mark Soriano, a state police spokesman, said Pedroncelli was driving on NM 68 when he turned a corner with no signal.

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The arresting officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol and conducted an investigation to determine if Pedroncelli had been driving drunk, according to the press release. He was incarcerated in Taos County Jail, but was released Monday. He faces a preliminary hearing in October on charges of aggravated DWI and failure to use signals.

A criminal history investigation showed that Pedroncelli had seven previous DWI convictions, the release said, adding that Pedroncelli refused to take a breath alcohol test, resulting in a search warrant for a blood sample.

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“Officers are committed as they patrol, looking for disabled drivers to keep our highways safe,” Soriano said. “That night we were able to [Pedroncelli] get him off the street and lock him up before he hurts himself or anyone else.”


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