Tara Moss slams COVID-19 dollars like celebrity chef Pete Evans with powerful message


‘I have zero tolerance for pandemic deniers’: dummy and crime author Tara Moss blows up Covid-19 conspiracy theorists like disgraced leader Pete Evans

Tara Moss slammed Covid-19 deniers and conspiracy theorists like Pete Evans in a powerful Instagram post Thursday.

Although the perpetrator of the supermodel and the crime did not mention the disgraced celebrity chef’s name, she urged her fans not to pay attention to people like him who are spreading bogus and “ disrespectful ” claims about the pandemic on social networks.

“I have zero tolerance for pandemic deniers here. We are in the midst of a terrible deadly pandemic, ” Tara, 46, wrote on Instagram.

“This is not the first pandemic humans have experienced and unfortunately it will not be the last. If you want to spread conspiracy theories that Covid is a hoax, you are not welcome here. You will be blocked, ”she added.

“So far 1.97 million people have died from Covid. To deny this is insulting and disrespectful to these people and their grieving loved ones, and you are part of the problem. This also applies to politicians. Shame on you.’

Tara accompanied her post with a photo of herself wearing a face mask while showing graffiti on a railing that read ‘Covid hoax’.

“Don’t be a Covid denier. Do what’s right for your loved ones and your community and be safe, wear a mask and follow health mandates to help save lives, ”she concluded.

Evans, 47, is just one of many endangered celebrities selling dangerous and baseless Covid-19 conspiracy theories online.

The former My Kitchen Rules judge was fined $ 25,200 in April last year after falsely claiming his $ 15,000 BioCharger lamp could cure the coronavirus.

He has since made several other unsubstantiated claims about the pandemic, which has so far resulted in more than 1.9 million deaths worldwide.

In July, he claimed that Covid-19 was a ‘f ** king hoax’ and that the pandemic ‘does not compare to what is happening around the world on a large scale’.

He also encouraged people to ignore government security measures, such as being ordered to wear masks in public in Victoria, and to challenge fines in court.

Evans has been banned from Facebook and Spotify for his extreme views.

Deniers: Pete Evans (pictured) is among a growing number of celebrities peddling dangerous and baseless COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Deniers: Pete Evans (pictured) is among a growing number of celebrities peddling dangerous and baseless COVID-19 conspiracy theories




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