Taxi driver helps woman deliver


A taxi driver was on Sunday February 21, was forced to intervene and help a passenger he was transporting to give birth.

The woman who called the taxi to take her to the hospital, went into labor in the back seat of the car, prompting the driver to step in and help.

The taxi driver parked the car along the Chepkoilel-Eldoret road and, with the help of two other women at the scene, helped the woman give birth.

A newborn baby grabs a mother’s hand

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A boda boda pilot who had also stopped to be a witness, filmed the incident behind the Suzuki cabin.

After a successful childbirth, onlookers who had gathered cheered the driver who then drove the woman to the nearest hospital.

The man received praise from many TBEN, including Bomet representative Joyce Korir, for his courageous and kind act.

A healthcare worker who spoke said it is important for pregnant women to be aware of the signs of birth to prevent such emergencies from occurring by getting to the hospital early enough.

“In case you find yourself in such a situation, try to get the mother to the hospital as soon as possible or call an ambulance. If the baby has already started to come out, be prepared to support his head to prevent him from injuring himself, ”advised the doctor, stressing the importance of hygiene.

Don’t pull on the baby’s head or body, but rather let the labor contractions do the work.

Immediately after giving birth, it is important to place the newborn baby on her mother’s breast directly on the skin.

After skin-to-skin contact, the baby should be gently dried with a clean towel or dry, covered clothing.

It is important to let healthcare professionals do the cutting of the umbilical cord and placenta because of the risk of infection.

If in doubt about the process, one can call a healthcare worker who can guide them through the steps.

A mother holding a baby

A mother holding a baby

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