Taylor Rust explains why he was baffled by his WWE NXT outing, what it was like working with Triple H and Shawn Michaels


Rust opened up about his return to the ROH in Death Before Dishonor, his WWE NXT experience and outing, his match against Tracy Williams in the Pure Title Tournament, almost walking away from wrestling and more.

Former WWE Star Tyler Rust / Taylor Rust was interviewed this week on the ROH Strong podcast.

Taylor Rust talks about her time on NXT:

“Not only did I sign, but I immediately went on television. I got used to it very well throughout my stay. They put me with Malcolm (Bivens), who is a great spokesperson. I love working with him so much. I teamed up with a solid group with Roderick Strong and Hideki, two other amazing wrestlers. They painted me in very good light. I can’t complain about a single thing while I was there, honestly. Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, hey, I know this is going well for you, but we have to let you go. It’s always very confusing to think about it, but I don’t dwell on these negative things. It’s about moving forward and dealing with these strangers as best you can. “

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Rust was asked if he works closely with Shawn Michaels and Hunter and if they are involved in NXT:

“Very convenient. Shawn and Hunter, Triple H, they’re very involved. I didn’t work with Shawn anymore. He was the reason I started television right away. He noticed me when I was there. He searched for my matches online. He took me to a meeting in his office and we had a great conversation. He said, ‘Hey man. I looked at your stuff. I don’t know who you are, but I love your job. I love your look, and I think you can be something really big here. I want to use you right away. Hearing that from Shawn Michaels, it’s like, ‘Wow, okay.’ “

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