TBEN exclusive: Parul Arora, a gymnast dressed in a backflipping saree, who breaks the internet


In 2020, in a world ravaged by the coronavirus, a video from India went viral and sent social media into a meltdown. The video, which was uploaded to Instagram, saw a man and woman doing a gymnastic circular jump in slow motion. The remarkable thing about the woman’s stunt was that she did a full jump while putting on a sari. The sari, as an attire, is complicated for some and graceful for many depending on the type of work. However, doing a stunt in a saree is something not many people would have envisioned. However, the stunt shattered all illusions. The video garnered over a million likes on Instagram and the flawless execution shot her to stardom. A few days ago, this same person uploaded a video in which she did backflips with a saree and got her immense recognition from Bollywood celebrities like Vidya Balan and Raveena Tandon in addition to a another viral video. After this million viral videos, his videos are garnering likes ranging from 200k to 650k. Her success story is an example of another small town making waves as a social media influencer.

The woman in these viral videos is Parul Arora from Ambala, Haryana. Her stunts of doing the backflip and gymnastic flip in a saree are remarkable given that when you see professional gymnasts performing this stunt, they have the proper athletic equipment to support them. In Parul Arora’s case, her determination to do something different is what made her a social media influencer where most of her videos would go viral or win on the internet. In an exclusive interaction with TBEN, Parul Arora explained what made her do these gymnastic stunts in such a different way. “The videos I make on social media are made with the intention of presenting something different to people. I want people to be inspired by the video,” said Parul Arora.

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But why a sari? The idea was actually given to Parul Arora by her partner Michael Hoshiar Singh, the person who regularly performs these stunts with her on social media. In the viral million-likes video, Michael Hoshiar Singh is the one who dons a suit and flips while Parul Arora has a blue saree. “The idea to do the stunt with the sari was actually Michael Singhs’ idea. He said to try something different. He told me I had to try a stunt with a sari. In other videos , he supported and motivated me to do it. something different. He helped me a lot. When you go out to shoot the videos, you need help. He is the key person, “said Parul Arora .

Lots of bandages, wounds but a lot of determination

The stunts she does on social media could amaze millions of users. However, what these stunts hide is the amount of pain and the hours of practice it takes to perform them perfectly. Close examination of the videos reveals the large bandage she wears on her legs and hands. These bandages, Parul Arora, give him the tampon of a serious injury in the near future, having already suffered numerous injuries during his career.

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“I practice for hours. I have had many leg injuries. For safety reasons I always wear a bandage. I don’t have much strength in my legs. If I remove the bandage, the risk injury increases. When I went to the national championships, I twisted my leg badly. When I was doing one of the videos, I twisted my leg twice. If I try to play without the bandage on my legs and hands I feel even more pain, which is why I keep the bandage, ”said Parul Arora.

Does Parul Arora do gymnastics only for social networks? Far from there. She actually won a gold medal at the national championships and has pursued it since the age of seven. Parul Arora thanked her father for exposing her to the world of gymnastics. “I have been doing gymnastics since I was seven. My father took me to gymnastics centers in Ambala. He took me to parks so I could be in good shape. Once he took me to a sports center where there was gymnastics. When I saw people doing it, I was inspired to start gymnastics and since then I have been doing gymnastics, ”said Parul Arora.

Success of influencers even in times of coronavirus

Despite her video going viral in 2020, Parul Arora was still affected by the coronavirus as the lockdown meant she couldn’t meet anyone and the videos had to be cut off for a while. Around the same time, TikTok and other Chinese apps were also banned and this potentially stole its reach. However, Parul Arora said the TikTok ban was actually a blessing in disguise and Instagram’s new reels feature made his videos a hit.

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“The first video that went viral was shot around March. I had uploaded the video to TikTok but it didn’t work out much there. When TikTok was banned I then uploaded the video to reels on Instagram and it went viral. Instagram has helped, ”said Parul Arora.

With the latest video receiving much applause from Bollywood celebrities, Parul Arora said the determination to do something different is only growing. “I am delighted that I am receiving recognition. Many girls tell me that they are inspired by me. These messages serve as motivation to keep trying something different every time,” said Parul Arora.

If one is to be a successful social media influencer, Parul Arora has these words of wisdom for people who want to market themselves on social media. “They have to try something new and different. Everyone thinks that if someone else’s video works, so should we. But they don’t. Individuals have to do something. unique and different that will distinguish them “, said Parul Arora



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