TBEN in diaspora will enjoy new government services


The government has announced plans to make it easier for TBEN living in the United States to access services through mobile consular services.

Chief Secretary of State Roseline Njogu made the announcement on Saturday, January 21 through her social media platforms.

“As promised, mobile consular services are coming to the Kenyan diaspora living in the US. Please register,” she announced.

Permanent Secretary (PS) of the State Department for Diaspora Affairs Roseline Njogu at a past event

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She added that the government planned to bring consular services to TBEN in February and March 2023.

The PS encouraged TBEN abroad to apply and let the government know what kind of services they would need.

Njogu shared a link to the registration form. TBEN are expected to share their personal information, including their current state of residence in the US.

“Keep in mind that consular services for children will be registered in a different form,” the PS advised.

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Some of the services offered include a new passport application, passport renewal, Kenyan national ID application, birth certificate application and document authentication.

In the application form, TBEN have the option to indicate their profession. The four-step application process allows the government to collect relevant information from all TBEN residing in the US.

Mobile consular services include a consular officer who goes from state to state and provides services to citizens.

The government had previously announced plans to increase the money sent home by TBEN living abroad to boost the country’s economy.

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The US remained Kenya’s largest source of remittances in 2022, accounting for about 55.5 percent in December, according to the WorldRemit report.

TBEN living abroad braved the tough economic times and managed to send home Ksh497.2 billion by 2022. This was 8.3 percent more compared to 2021.

Kenyans living in the diaspora during the 2017 elections

TBEN living in the diaspora during the 2017 elections